"FM Sylvan is dedicated to protecting the safety and health of its employees, subcontractors and customers. The FM Sylvan Safety Committee was established to provide all employees with an effective way to identify corrective procedures needed to eliminate or control acknowledged safety and health hazards. This is accomplished by promoting health and safety in the workplace through training, awareness, experience/knowledge sharing, companywide standards and incentive programs."
- FM Sylvan Safety Committee Mission Statement

FM Sylvan has implemented a comprehensive safety training program that ensures that all personnel are certified in the latest safety procedures for any type of work we perform. Our focus on safety starts at the top. The FM Sylvan executive team plays a direct role in shaping the safety policies that are outlined in the company's safety manual and that the manual and our ongoing educational programs are current and aligned with client-specific policies, as well as various job types.

Safety Program Components

FM Sylvan employs a multi-faceted approach to safety that is tailored to address the unique needs of our staff, our clients and specific projects. Unlike firms that take a one-size-fits-all approach to safety, FM Sylvan's safety program has been designed to easily accommodate the constantly evolving safety policies and requirements of both existing and new clients. There are several key elements to our safety program:

  • A dedicated safety officer and program office that is responsible for ensuring that safety policies are updated and followed across all projects.
  • All field and management personnel are provided with the company's safety manual and receive formal training on its policies; this is reviewed with all staff periodically on an ongoing basis.
  • All key personnel have received OSHA's 10-hour Certification.
  • Ongoing computer assisted safety training, testing and certification for key project types and techniques; FM Sylvan utilizes the automated safety training programs from MUST http://www.mustonline.org/ and the Operator Qualification Solutions Group http://www.oqsg.com/ to ensure that each employee is certified and up-to-date on the latest safety practices.
  • FM Sylvan publishes all safety certifications and rating information to the ISNetworld Database http://www.isnetworld.com/ , an independent organization that verifies contractor data nationwide to ensure compliance with key industry and government regulations.
  • CPR Certification.
  • Personnel receive training on client internal safety procedures prior to deployment on a site.


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For more information about our safety program please contact one of our regional safety committee members:

Sean Maine
[email protected]

New Jersey
Matt Panconi
[email protected]

Ben Stahelin
[email protected]

Bill Proctor
[email protected]