Case Study - Chrysler Trenton Engine

Customer Challenge

As a part of meeting fuel efficiency milestones mandated by the Federal Government, Chysler powertrain had to retrofit its engine plant in Trenton, MI. This entailed demolishing the manufacturing facility and installing all new computerized numeric cutting machines.   The project required the industrial services contractor to work with a diverse array of pipes and joins.

FM Sylvan Solution

FM Sylvan installed all of the utility mains for the facility, connecting the natural gas, water, coolant, industrial waste, and piping to from central energy plant to more than four hunred cutting machines.  FM Sylvan’s experience team successfully addressed the complexity of the project accommodating numerous OEM changes, swiftly and efficiently.  The project was delivered safely despite the fact that most of the work needed to be performed twenty-five to fifty feet above ground.


FM Sylvan enabled Chrysler to get into production faster with more fuel efficient engines in order to effectively support assembly plants.  FM Sylvan’s labor relations, safety program, high quality pipe installation services, project management, and financial management capabilities all played an important role in the project’s success.  Notably, FM Sylvan received a safety award from Chrysler for the project.