Case Study - Englehard Engine Test Facility

Customer Challenge

Engelhard needed to modify the test engine exhaust system at its Union, NJ location. The project required an industrial services contractor with experience working directly in an operating facility to complete the necessary modifications.

The structural modifications for the test engine exhaust system included rigging, welding, installation, testing, and insulation of new stainless steel exhaust piping systems, while the plant was in full operation. In addition to an aggressive project schedule, performing work in a specific operating environment required special attention to unique safety procedures.

FM Sylvan Solution

FM Sylvan was chosen based on the company's experience in working directly at manufacturing facilities in the automotive, pharmaceutical and food processing industries. FM Sylvan's fabrication capabilities, safety rating, and flexible safety program were also key considerations. FM Sylvan quickly assembled and deployed a team of seasoned personnel to schedule and perform the work in accordance with specific quality and safety criteria, without impacting operations. Fabrication of the piping systems at FM Sylvan's fabrication in Pert Amboy, NJ minimized the required down time for each engine test cell.


All work was properly scheduled and performed without any interruption to the existing engine testing, maximizing Engelhard's productivity, while providing necessary upgrades. The project was successfully completed within time and budget scope.