Case Study - General Mills Canning and Packaging Facility

Customer Challenge

General Mills' Progresso Soups Division located in Vineland, NJ was expanding its canning and packaging facility. The customer required an industrial services contractor that had an established track record in delivering utility work for consumer packaged goods operations. In addition all of the industrial pipe, rigging, welding, installation, testing and insulation work had to be completed while the facility stayed in production. Finally the contractor had to have the flexibility to bring manpower to bear quickly, perform the work during off peak hours to accommodate the customer's work schedule, and adapt safety procedures to the customer's specific policies and the project requirements.

FM Sylvan Solution

FM Sylvan was chosen based on its knowledge base gleaned from previous work in the consumer packaged goods and food processing industry. In addition, FM Sylvan's safety policy and past project work in production manufacturing facilities across a variety of industries played a major role. All utility tie-ins were scheduled and completed during off- peak hours as required.


The project was completed without incident, within time and budget scope, and allowed Progresso to continue its manufacturing operations unabated while optimizing its production capability at the facility.