Case Study - Hess Temporary Air System, Port Reading Refinery

Customer Challenge

Hess experienced an emergency situation when the main air blower at its Port Reading, NJ refinery failed. Without an immediate temporary replacement, the reactor would have solidified, essentially ruining the refinery. The problem occurred on a Thursday, and the air system had to be restored by Monday morning.

FM Sylvan Solution

FM Sylvan leveraged its labor relations with local piping trades to mobilize manpower—along with the necessary materials and equipment by Friday morning. Working around the clock throughout the weekend, FM Sylvan executed the existing Hess disaster plan and erected a temporary air system that consisting of more than 25 compressors and 600 feet of pipe by the 7 a.m. Monday deadline.


The temporary system immediately restored the flow of air, allowing the catalyst to be removed from the reactor-averting catastrophic damage. By responding quickly to the client's situation, FM Sylvan was able to save Hess thousands of dollars in damage and lost productivity at the Port Reading facility. With the situation resolved, Hess was able to embark on its expansion plans at the refinery.