Case Study - Schering-Plough Boiler Retrofit

Customer Challenge

Schering Plough required a major repair to a boiler at its Summit, NJ campus. The Boiler supplied 50% of the steam load for heating buildings that housed temperature sensitive research and development projects. These initiatives represented a major area of investment for the company and were critical to the success of future product lines.

Non destructive and destructive examination of the 45 year old unit revealed the need for a complete tube refurbishment. The project had to be completed prior to the winter season, leaving only a three month window to complete a sizeable boiler repair project. Furthermore, none of the original shop drawings or plans was available to guide the fabrication of the new tubes.  

FM Sylvan Solution

FM Sylvan began work immediately, extracting one of each unique type of tube from the Boiler. Twelve different tube templates were then developed in FM Sylvan's dedicated Perth Amboy fabrication facility according to ASME guidelines. The templates were then used to produce 880 new tubes that would fit the boiler while conforming to modern best practices. The new tubing and piping was then installed using FM Sylvan's quality-driven installation processes.


All tubes and B31.1 piping were replaced on schedule and in time for the heating season. The boiler's operational efficiency was enhanced 25% with the installation of the new tubing and piping, removing risk to the projects housed at the facility, while reducing Schering Plough's energy costs. FM Sylvan's boiler certification and expertise and dedicated fabrication facility enabled the rapid response needed to make this project successful.

Schering Plough was so impressed with the execution of the project that it subsequently awarded FM Sylvan the retrofit of the second boiler at the company's Summit campus.