"FM Sylvan is dedicated to protecting the safety and health of its employees, subcontractors and customers. The FM Sylvan Safety Committee was established to provide all employees with an effective way to identify corrective procedures needed to eliminate or control acknowledged safety and health hazards. This is accomplished by promoting health and safety in the workplace through training, awareness, experience/knowledge sharing, companywide standards and incentive programs."
- FM Sylvan Safety Committee Mission Statement

FM Sylvan has implemented a comprehensive safety training program that ensures that all personnel are certified in the latest safety procedures for any type of work we perform. Our focus on safety starts at the top. The FM Sylvan executive team plays a direct role in shaping the safety policies that are outlined in the company's safety manual and that the manual and our ongoing educational programs are current and aligned with client-specific policies, as well as various job types.

Safety Program Components

FM Sylvan employs a multi-faceted approach to safety that is tailored to address the unique needs of our staff, our clients and specific projects. Unlike firms that take a one-size-fits-all approach to safety, FM Sylvan's safety program has been designed to easily accommodate the constantly evolving safety policies and requirements of both existing and new clients. There are several key elements to our safety program:

  • Dedicated safety managers and corporate office are responsible for ensuring safety polices go through a comprehensive program audit on an annual basis. More importantly, these updates are reviewed by all staff on an continuous basis.
  • All field and management personnel are orientated in FM Sylvan's corporate Safety manual before employment and yearly there after. Additionally, Supervisors are provided with supervisor training to give them the tools necessary to affectively communicate our EHS program to their employees.
  • All key personnel are trained to anticipate, recognize and control all hazards on our jobsites. FM Sylvan's Behavior Based Safety Program ensures not only effective employee involvement but that all levels of the company communicate and learn from hazards. All employees are OSHA 10 hr trained and key personnel are OSHA 30 hr trained, and First Aid/CPR Certified.
  • To meet the rigorous requirements of our various clients FM Sylvan manages training and substance abuse programs electronically. We have teamed with MUST and OQSG to manage our records and Certifications to stay up to date on the latest safety practices.
  • FM Sylvan has been a member of ISnetworld, Avetta and Browz since 2004. These companies are independent organizations that evaluates and grades our EHS program certifying our program meets government compliance and industry standards.
  • CPR Certification.
  • Personnel receive training on client internal safety procedures prior to deployment on a site.


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For more information about our safety program please contact one of our regional safety committee members:

Curtis Lyons
[email protected]

New Jersey
Jose Hernandez Jr
[email protected]

Ben Stahelin
[email protected]

Jim Metz
[email protected]

ISNetworld Member Contractor